Wednesday, 21 December 2011

PLEASE SAVE OUR MATERNITY SERVICES- We Need to Recruit 5000 more NHS midwives in England

Hi Blog friends,
This does not relate to crafting, however, it does affect us all!
We are really in shortage of Midwives in England! this comes across on the news everyday! Mothers and Newborn babies are experiencing substandard care because of  this, Midwives are overworked and unable to deliver safely the care that Mothers, babies and Families deserves!

If you are reading this message, please click on the title above and you will land on the Royal College of Midwives e-petition or the link below:

We need  at least 100,000 signatures  by 22/08/2012 before this issue can be discussed by the Government.

Please save our Maternity services by supporting the petition.(This only takes 2minutes)
Once you have registered, you will receive an email, you then need to click on the message , this represent your signature.
Your petition will not be counted until you have completed this.
Please tell all your friends and family to support us!!!

Bim x