Sunday, 11 April 2010

Crafting Journey started with QVC UK.

Hello World! My Crafting Journey!!

My name is Bim!
 Welcome to my Blog. I have visited many blogs and that has inspired me to start my own blog and I soon found of that of course, to join in all the fun happening on the web cyber-space, you have to own a blog!

My main aim is to share with you different kinds of crafting I’d picked up since my journey began. And hopefully pick up great inspiration along the line.

I’ve always loved and enjoyed paper crafting as a little girl like many of you. Cutting out paper dolls from magazines such as Mandy and dressing them up with paper clothes and shoes. If you’re around my age, you probably remember those good old days.

I then wanted to be a seamstress making wedding I changed my mind when I was 12yrs old.

In the end I became a registered Nurse and Midwife instead. I really enjoy my job until; I injured my back in 2008 and had to rest for 6months. I thought I was going to die of  boredom!

The children, all grown up and in University. Husband at work all day and so were my friends!

I desperately needed something to occupy my mind and my time! I wasn’t use to sitting around idle!

I have been a member of QVC UK since it started almost 17years ago- Bought all sorts of different things but not once interested in their craft programmes. However, I needed something to occupy my time with.

I was channel hoping and noticed a lady demonstrating thank you card making using stamps and coordinating papers. Her name, Anna Griffin! I was glued to the screen; in fact it was a TSV (Todays special Value)

It came on periodically throughout the day. I was still watching when my husband returned from work. He kind of said to me, why not give it a go!

I Purchased an Anna Griffin and k & company kits, I was pleasantly surprised! I used the kit to make some thank you Cards for friends and colleagues. Wow I couldn’t believe the compliments I received! They thought I had purchased them.
Have also purchasd quite a bit from Create and Craft- 24hr crafting channel- Love it!

This was the beginning of my crfting addiction! In a positive way!!
More to come stay tuned!

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